Cooking for Vulnerable Children, Celebrating World Food Day 2014 “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”

On the morning of 15th October 2014, Green Generation and Development (GGD) with the cooperation of Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO) has organized “Cooking For Vulnerable Children”, a charity food event, in order to join the world to celebrate the 2014 World Food Day “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”.


“Cooking for Vulnerable Children” 15th October 2014 at VCAO School, Steung MeanChey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Cooking for Vulnerable Children” is purposefully created under two main objectives; (1) to encourage the culture of sharing from individuals and families with better life conditions to the less fortunate ones, especially vulnerable children and (2) to raise awareness against unnecessary food waste which could be better fed the vulnerable community.


Prof. Srey Sunleang, Dean of Mathematics, Sciences, and Engineering, is giving an opening remark to the audiences and the children

It is important to know that these 300 vulnerable children are the former garbage collectors along Steung Meanchey waste dumping sites, Phnom Penh city’s biggest waste disposal. During lives as garbage collectors, these children were severely lacking of basic necessities such as shelters and food, let alone basic education. Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO) has gathered these unfortunate children and provided with better life conditions and primary and basic education.


About 300 vulnerable children have been served with chicken curry with breads

Beside the cooking chicken curry for the children, GGD also organized educational sessions for the kids on a few topics such as Impacts of drug, sanitation and hygiene, and Think – eat – save (reducing food waste). After the sessions, there are also fun activities with them to bring closeness and friendship among the volunteers and the children.


Educational and Fun activities with the children

GGD and VCAO, in establishing this charity event, have received tremendous supports and donations from Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC), numerous buddhist monks, university students, some private sectors, and other generous citizens. Aside from donations, these generous people were also the active volunteers helping GGD members, the organizers, to arrange the food, clean the dishes during the event, and organize different educational and fun sessions.


Donations for the children gathered by many generous and kind donors, mainly monks and university students.

This event has shown great mental and physical impacts on the vulnerable children and the participants. The physical impacts are feeding the children with delicious food and the receiving food and study supplies for them to use in the future. The mental impacts that manifest in people’s mindset in the event is the culture of sharing and giving hands to your own community who are in need.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


The members of Green Generation and Development, The organizers of the event


Youth Seminar “Climate Change Adaptation”

On the 7th of March 2014, Green Generation and Development Association (GGD) under the Faculty of Mathematics, Sciences and engineering of Pannasastra University of Cambodia, organized a special seminar on Climate Change Adaptation. The objectives of the seminar are: (1) to provide a platform for students to learn about the climate-change adaptation in the country through literature review, and discussions within their individual groups. (2) To promote students among themselves, debate about what are the best ways to apply climate-change adaptation in our country. (3) To generate information about climate-change adaptation, current practices in Cambodia and best ways to address impacts of climate change. In this seminar, there are about 260 participants mostly university students; around 10 of which are environmental professors. And we had strongly collaborate with Pannasastra University of Cambodia to make this event happened.

Figure 1. Participants for the Youth Seminar “Climate Change Adaptaion” at Sreydim Conference Hall, PUC


Before the event started, there is a meaningful opening remark by Dr. Sin Mengsrun. He mentioned that Cambodia is one of the most vulnerable countries to Climate change, in terms of flood and drought and the poor resilience capacity to climate impacts. Therefore, he hopes the seminar will provide a useful knowledge sharing about the adaptation strategies to climate change, specifically applicable in Cambodia.

It is also important to know that the event is made special because there is a special guest speaker from Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC), Dr. Fredolin Tangang, a vice-chair of working group I of world meteorological organization. Through his presentation, Dr. Fredolin walked the audiences through the significant roles of IPCC in gathering climate data around the world and Dr. Fredolin also presented the core causes and effects of climate change. There was such a thought-provoking presentation as there have been numerous attentions and questions asked from the audiences.


Figure 2. Dr Fredolin Tangang from IPCC is giving a presentation on the role of IPCC and climate change issues.



After his insightful presentation, Ms. Meng Soklin, the acting representative of Green Generation and Development Association (GGD) and also the whole organizing team, has shared her impressions of the event. Soklin has mentioned the progress and the role of GGD in frequently hosting event related to environmental issues. And, she also hopes that GGD will soon become a stronger association to gather all environmental-majored students, turning into a networking hub where they can share both academic and professional experiences in environmental fields and most importantly, organize and implement environmental projects together.


Figure 3. Ms. Meng Soklin, the representative of GGD and the organizing team



Another important session of the event is the debate between two groups of Environmental students from PUC to discuss on the topic “Climate Change Adaptation in Cambodia”. Group A consists of 3 members, namely, Mr. DorK Hakk, environmental student year 4, Mr. Leng Veasna, environmental student year 4, and Ms. Heng Samnang, environmental student year 4. Likewise, Group B consists of 3 members, which are Ms. Eang Phallis, environmental student year 3, Ms. Sun Synith, environmental student year 4, and Mr. Koeng Septorm, environmental student year 4. And the judging committee consists of 3 judges, namely, Dr. Fredolin Tangang, Dr. Kevin Curry and Dr. Irina Chakraborty, who both are the professors from the faculty of Mathematics, sciences and engineering. It was such a fascinating and informative debate between these two competitive teams. This left the judges with a tough decision in the end. The result was 236 of the winning team against the score of 227 from the runner-up. It was group B who took victory of the debate. Both teams are satisfied with the judges’ decision. Both teams received gifts and certificate of achievement for their contribution in the debate.

Figure 4. Debate between two teams from the major of environmental science


To sump up, the seminar ended successfully with the fact that it was such opportunity for the audiences, those who are students, to capture important knowledge from Dr. Fredolin’s presentation and the debate by the seniors from environmental major. This is the 2nd event that Green Generation and Development student association (GGD) has hosted successfully and this is just the beginning as our association is looking forward to a busy schedules ahead of us in hosting a community projects to provinces very soon in April.

2013 World Environment Day “Think – Eat – Save”

Members of Green Generation and Development are planning on hosting a workshop entitled “2013 World Environment Day” under the theme of “Think – Eat – Save” to celebrate World Environment Day among Cambodian youth especially undergraduate students from Pannasastra University of Cambodia.


Trip to Sen Acpivath Village

Trip to Sen Acpivath Village

Discussion with Local communities
Survey with Primary Students

Structure and Inputs

The association is structured into two main components:

1. Structure and Management Arrangement.

Board consists of 5 members, who are senior staff whose role in the association is to provide strategic direction for achieving green and sustainable development as in indicated in the vision of this association. Board shall convey at least one a year to review strategy, work plan, and budget of the GGD association.

Board of director consists of:

Dr. SREY Sunleang (Board Director)

Dr. Srey is currently a dean in the faculty of mathematics, science and engineering in Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC). Beside his engagement in the academy, he also works for ministry of environment; he is a director of department of wetlands and costal zones.

Dr. SOK Vong

Dr. Sok presently is an environmental planning coordinator of Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), of Environment Operation Centre Bangkok. Previously, Dr. Sok worked for international organization such as International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

H.E. Dr. TIA Phalla

Dr. TIA is now working for the government in the field of public health. H.E. Dr. TIA is a vice chairman of National AIDS Authority (NAA).

Dr. KAO Dana

Dr. KAO is currently a forest management office, in Department of Forestry and Forestry Community Management, Forestry Administration of Cambodia, under Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (MoAFF)

Mr. CHUOP Sivutha

Mr. Sivutha is a lecturer in Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC). He is also an environmental impact assessment (EIA) specialist works for Ministry of Environment (MoE).

2.  Organizational Arrangement and Human Resources:

Mr. Oung TyKeithya
Research and Development Department:
Ms. Meng Soklin
Mr. Chhun Monyoudom
Awareness and Education Department:
Mr. Chea Puthea
Ms. Hoeun Say
Ms. Heng Samnang
Field and Technical Department:
Mr. Eang Samnang
Ms. Teng Boravin
Ms. Khiev Putheary
Mr. Chan Tra
Ms. Than Sokunthea
Finance and Administration Department:
Ms. Buth Sreyneath
Mr. Eang Samnang (Sub-role)

These 12 members are the fresh and motivated individuals who are the main input to the association whose role and responsibilities vary from one department to another. They are  currently senior students majoring in Environmental Science in Pannasastra Univeristy of Cambodia (PUC).

Information and Contact

Address: No. 189, Maha Vithei Preah Norodom, Phnom Penh


Tel: (855)12 221 478/(855)12 862 006


Introducing “GGD”

GGD (Eng)

Green Generation and Development (GGD) is a non-profitable student association, whose goals are to:
promote green and sustainable development in Cambodia.

GGD Envisions:

“Every cambodian’s mind is green development”

GGD’s Mission is to:

“bring awareness to communities about environment and to motivate vigorous involvements from the communities in environmental protection.”

GGD’s Detailed Objectives are to:

  • Research and development of tools and best practices of green development or sustainable development for community and country,
  • Public awareness and education programme about the green and sustainable development to Cambodian people, and
  • Piloting and demonstrate some green or sustainable development activities on the grounds.